The virtue of being partners

At Aurica, we trust in the potential of people and partner with their business purpose. We understand that behind every project there is a faithful social commitment and the illusion of making it possible. For this reason, we are partners of talented teams, with innovative ideas and with the aspiration to expand and internationalise their organisation’s activity.

We support entrepreneurs and their teams

We work together with companies and their human capital in their expansion and
internationalisation process, consolidating their projects and projecting them in the long term.

We have more than 20 years of experience

We combine all our knowledge and expertise to ensure and guarantee the successfulachievement of each company’s objective.

We offer customised capital solutions

We understand that each project is unique and we offer a capital solution that adapts to eachcompany's needs

The virtue of being partners

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We are your team

Our team is your team. That’s why we promote trust, closeness, and communication. We alignourselves with your objective and make achieving it a common goal. We comprehendpartnership walking side by side and we work with a sense of humanity.

Our partners

We invest in leading and prominent companies with a strategic, innovative and multisectoral vision.

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