Aurica Capital is a Private Equity firm that invest in Spanish companies, in association with different family groups, following the implementation of growth and expansion projects, jointly agreed by actively participating in the strategic decisions of the investee management and leaving them in the hands of the management teams.

Aurica Capital is the management company of Aurica III and Aurica XXI.


Currently is on divestment process.


Fund of around € 200 million, including co-investments.

Both funds are specialized in growth capital by taking temporary significant minority stakes of between 20 and 49% in Spanish SME´s with turnover higher than 30 M€ and EBITDA higher than 5 M€ to finance growth plans with a strong international focus.

Aurica Capital Development S.G.E.I.C. , S.A. , is registered in the Register of Management Companies Venture Capital CNMV with the number 104.