Aurica Capital has formalized the acquisition of a minority but significant stake in the capital of SamyRoad, a Spanish technology company that operates globally providing advocacy, influencer marketing, communication and branded content services.

Thanks to its technology, it offers the best solutions for brands based on data and monitors more than 42 million influencers. By virtue of this operation, Aurica becomes the reference shareholder of the company after the partial departure of part of the shareholder.


Headquartered in Madrid and with 14 offices around the world, it has a leadership position in Europe and Latin America. The company uses predictive technology based on artificial intelligence to simulate the results of the digital marketing campaigns of more than 200 brands. Samyroad recorded a turnover of € 12M in 2019 and € 19M in 2020.

For Pablo Pérez Caldaya, Investment Director of Aurica Capital, “with this operation we want to help SamyRoad to consolidate its position in the emerging segment of brand marketing. Its business volume has multiplied by five in recent years. For that, we will make our experience available to your top management team. To do this, we will accompany companies in their growth both nationally and internationally. Likewise, we will maintain at the same time the essence and identity of a company with great growth potential, a differentiated positioning and an indisputable technological edge in its sector”.

In this new stage, the project will continue to be led by Juan Sánchez Herrera, Patricia Ratia and Marta Nicolás, founding partners of SamyRoad, and who, according to Pablo Pérez Caldaya, “have a deep knowledge of the marketing sector and will retain their position as shareholders and leading the project.”


For the founder, Juan Sánchez Herrera, the arrival of Aurica “will allow us both to consolidate ourselves in the national market and to develop an ambitious internationalization plan. Your experience will be a key driver for the project. And thus, it will allow us to continue developing innovation for our clients and consolidating SamyRoad as the leading group of technological solutions at the service of major brands.”