Support strategy through minority stakes in leading companies in its sector with a clear vocation for international expansion.


  • Companies with growth potential, both organically or via acquisitions.
  • Family-run business with no succession plan.
  • Companies looking for alternative sources of financing for their growth plans.
  • Companies looking for a minority investor, with an active role.
  • Non-leveraged transactions.
  • Preferably cash-in transactions.
  • Do not invest in the real estate, infrastructures, construction or financial sectors.


  • Medium-sized, with annual revenue of at least €30M and EBITDA of €5M.
  • Highly skilled management team.
  • Competitive advantage in its industry.
  • Low indebtedness.
  • Commitment to on-going international expansion.
  • Strong cashflows and on-going dividend distribution (historically, Aurica companies have paid dividends of 3-4% per year on investment made).
  • Headquarters: Spain.


  • Significant minority stakes (around 20%-30%).
  • Shareholders’ Agreements with a reinforced majority, exit clauses, considerable veto rights and active representation on governing bodies (both management committee and board of directors).
  • Investment term: 4-7 years.
  • Investment range: €10-30M. With co-investments, investments can be up to €50M.